Pro Tool Kit - 12 Piece Kit
Pro Tool Kit - 12 Piece Kit
Pro Tool Kit - 12 Piece Kit
Pro Tool Kit - 12 Piece Kit
Pro Tool Kit - 12 Piece Kit
Pro Tool Kit - 12 Piece Kit
Pro Tool Kit - 12 Piece Kit
Pro Tool Kit - 12 Piece Kit
Pro Tool Kit - 12 Piece Kit
Pro Tool Kit - 12 Piece Kit
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Spider Tool Holster - Pro Tool Kit (12 Piece Kit)

SKU: 5032TH


The Spider Tool Holster is designed to improve the way you carry your power tools!

The Pro Tool Kit allows you to equip two tools to use with your Tool Holster. No more setting your tool down or trusting it to a tool pouch. Clip the Tool Holster onto any casual belt or professional tool belt, wrap and secure the Tool Grip to your power tool, slide it into the locking holster, and you’re ready to go! Also includes our Spider BitGrippers, Tool Tabs and Tool Docks.


Tool Holsters:

The Tool Holster is a belt-mounted carrying system for power tools and can be clipped onto casual belt or tool belt. The holster has a self-locking design which locks / secures your tool whenever something is holstered. Spider Tool Holsters are compatible with all Spider Tool Holster products.


Tool Docks:

Use the provided self-tapping screws to easily mount Tool Docks onto wood and aluminum surfaces such as a tool board, work bench, or tool box. The eyelet on the bottom right of the Tool Dock can be used to hang light objects for easy access during a job. Spider Tool Docks are compatible with all other Spider Tool Holster products!


Tool Grips:

The Spider Tool Grips stretch to fit the handle of any tool such as a power drill, impact driver, reciprocating saw, pneumatic nailer, and more with high strength velcro. Tool Grips are made from a durable silicone infused elastic material that allows it to remain flexible while maintaining a firm hold on the tool’s handle. For added security, the provided cable tie can be installed through the small slit on the Tool Grip’s pin.


BitGripper v2:

Each BitGripper can hold 3 to 6 driver bits and features a high strength 3M adhesive that securely attaches it to the side of any drill or impact driver.


Tool Tabs:

Tool Tabs lock securely into our Spider Tool Holster and prevent tool rotation and bouncing. Tool Tabs use a high strength 3M peel-and-stick design. This allows them to adhere to any flat surfaced tool such as a tape measure, or bit box. For best results we recommend thoroughly cleaning the surface of your tool with isopropyl alcohol, pressing the Tool Tab in place for one minute, and then allowing 24 hours for the adhesive to properly cure. For added security when applying to tape measures, insert the OEM screw through the provided counterbored hole of the Tool Tab and tighten in place.


Product Highlights:

USE WITH ANY BELT: Tool Holster easily clips on to any regular belt or tool belt.

SELF-LOCKING DESIGN: Holster will automatically lock when a tool is inserted. To unlock, lift the lock lever upwards with your thumb while lifting up the tool.

HEAVY DUTY: Spider products are made from a nylon composite that can stand up to rough everyday use.

CREATE STORAGE ANYWHERE: Tool Docks can be mounted on anything with a drillable surface such as tool boards, work benches, and tool boxes.

ELASTIC TOOL GRIPS: Stretch to fit the handle of any tool and can be further secured with the provided cable tie.

CONVENIENT BIT STORAGE: Store 3 to 6 driver bits per BitGripper on the side of your drill / driver for easy access on the job! 



(2) Tool Holster

(4) Tool Grips + (4) Cable Ties

(2) BitGripper v2

(2) Tool Tabs

(2) Tool Docks + (4) Screws

Tool Holster + Tool Grip
Recommended for use on setups less than 8lbs.

BitGripper v2
> Designed to hold 3 to 6 standard sized driver bits.
> We do not recommend using the BitGripper without our Spider Tool Holster, a traditional tool pouch may cause abrasion damage over time.

Tool Docks
Compatible with ALL Spider Tool Holster products including:
> Tool Grips
> Tool Tabs
> Hammer Tabs
> Cable Straps
> Key Fobs
> Bottle Grippers
Read our full product warranty and return policy, CLICK HERE

General Product Overview

BitGripper Installation Tutorial

Tool Grip Installation Tutorial

Tool Dock Overview

Download "how-to-use" and install instructions for all Tool Holster products:  CLICK HERE

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Adrian Rickman
Sweet little tool

I bought this the other day. Postage was super fast to Australia. I absolutely love it. Best tool holster ever.

Jonathon Hart
Very happy with the system so far.

Very happy with the system so far. I will be buying more soon, to help organize the van.

James Peels
Pro kit review

I bought the pro kit after someone gave me a wrap and clip for my 1/4" impact at work. I'm a boat tech so I use my impact and drill constantly. I loved the product so much I bought the pro kit and don't regret it. I used them with my drill recently while building my patio cover and was never worried about my drill falling so I could focus more at the task at hand while climbing on ladder or on roof. I've already recommended this product to friends and family and will continue to do so. Thank you for a great product!

Jeffery Tharp
Works Great

Love it

Alex D
Great upgrade for your power tools

Bought this kit specifically for my Milwaukee M4 hex driver. I work on multiple types of electrical vehicle chargers that have many different small screws & bolts so the bit grip is perfect for swapping out bit tips on the fly. The belt clip is awesome too, allowing you to quickly holster your tool when you're done with it.


Tape Measure Set
Hammer Holster Set