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Secure, easy to use, quick access to your tools.

From the creators of Spider Camera Holster, the Spider Tool Holster clips on to your belt, putting any tool right at your hip, ready to use when you need it. View below for more details!


The Spider Tool Holster  is designed to change the way you carry your power tools. 
No more dropping or setting your tool down! 


  • Holster can attach to any belt or tool belt.
  • Elastic grip attaches to any handheld tool.
  • Carry tools up to 8 pounds.
  • Self-locking design ensures tools won’t fall.
  • Weighs only 3oz (86g).
The Tape Measure Set provides a fast, secure, locking solution for most tape measures.
The Spider Tool Dock allows you to organize and add convenient storage
to your workspace. Easy to install and secure, they’re perfect for work
benches, ladders, and tool boards!
The BitGripper’s 3M adhesive securely attaches it to any power drill or impact driver
and allows you to store 3 to 6 standard driver bits right on the side of your drill!
Carry more tools and devises with this add-on kit for the Spider Tool Holster. The 3M adhesive backing on the
Tool Tab locks securely without rotating when holstered and works great on tape measures!


  • Elastic grip attaches to any handheld tool.
  • Adhesive Tool Tab secures to any object!
  • Expand your tool carrying capacity.
  • Tool Tab pairs with Tool Dock & Tool Holster!
  • Weighs only 2oz (55g).


Spider Tool Holster products are made so that each part could work with each other! Any tool equipped with a Tool Tab or Tool Dock can be easily switched from your belt-mounted Tool Holster to your table mounted Tool Dock in seconds. Organize your workspace the way that always keeps your tools handy!



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