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Holster your

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Secure, easy to use, quick access to your tools.

From the creators of Spider Camera Holster, the Spider Tool Holster puts any tool right at your hip, ready to use when you need it. Our holster clips securely on your belt and the pin wraps tightly around your tool.

Pro Features:

  • Holster can attach to any belt or tool belt.
  • Elastic grip attaches to any handheld tool.
  • Carry tools up to 8 pounds.
  • Self-locking design ensures tools won’t fall.
  • Weighs only 3oz (86g).

The pin’s elastic wrap is backed with silicone beads that provide an extra grippy surface for a snug and secure fit around your tool’s handle. The pin slides right into the holster with a satisfying ‘click’ and locks into place.

Lift the lever to release the lock and lift your tool out of the holster. Quick, easy, secure.

Works with any tool.

From your heaviest tool… to the lightest… to the tool you carry every day… you’ll love how quick, easy, and convenient the Spider Tool Holster is. No more setting your tools down!

Makes a great gift for any handy person this holiday season.


Check out our Spider Tool Holster Expansion Set to holster more tools!



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