5520TH: BitGripper v2 (single)

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BitGripper v2
Spider BitGrippers allow you to securely carry up to 6 bits on the side of your power drill + driver!

|BitGrippers make carrying and swapping out your bits secure, fast and easy.

Constructed from a durable, yet flexible rubber, BitGrippers feature a simple peel-and-stick application using high strength, genuine 3M adhesive that securely attaches it to the side of any flat or curvedsurface.

BitGrippers can be conveniently mounted on the side of your drill without blocking the vent ports, as well as the the top, or anywhere on the battery.

Each BitGripper contains three hollow channels that hold inserted bits securely in place. These channels allow each BitGripper to hold up to 6 short driver bits, or three longer bits such as a step drill, holesaw, sawtooth, auger, space, countersink, brad point, twist, masonry, tile, forstner, rivet, vix, step drill, plug cutter, extended clearance, and HSS (high speed steel) bits. It also works for holding pencils!

We recommend outfitting multiple BitGrippers to one drill so you never have to fumble around in your pockets & pouches for your gear when you need them most.

Customer Reviews

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Luis Montanez
The best bit holder on the market!

I've purchased my share of bit holders and this one is by far the best one ever. Holds bits firmly in place and doesn't fall off of drill. Definitely happy with the purchase.


I already showed over 10 of my co workers they will be buying soon we work for Community Action Partnership of San Bernardino County