Tool Holster Set - 2 Piece Kit
Tool Holster Set - 2 Piece Kit
Tool Holster Set - 2 Piece Kit
Tool Holster Set - 2 Piece Kit
Tool Holster Set - 2 Piece Kit
Tool Holster Set - 2 Piece Kit
Tool Holster Set - 2 Piece Kit
Tool Holster Set - 2 Piece Kit - Spider Tool Holster
Tool Holster Set - 2 Piece Kit
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Spider Tool Holster - Tool Holster Set

SKU: 5000TH



The Spider Tool Holster is designed to improve the way you carry your power tools. No more setting your tool down or trusting it to a tool pouch. The Tool Holster is a belt-mounted carrying system for power tools and works with any belt. Clip the Holster to your belt, secure the elastic Tool Grip to your power tool, slide it into the locking holster, and you’re ready to go! Spider Tool Grips pair with any hand held power tool, including: power drills, impact drivers, reciprocal saws, pneumatic nailers, etc.


Tool Holster:

The Tool Holster is a belt-mounted carrying system for power tools and can be clipped onto casual belt or tool belt. The holster has a self-locking design which locks / secures your tool whenever something is holstered. The Tool Holster is compatible with all Spider Tool Holster products.


Tool Grip:

The Spider Tool Grips stretch to fit the handle of any tool such as a power drill, impact driver, reciprocating saw, pneumatic nailer, and more with high strength velcro. Tool Grips are made from a durable silicone infused elastic material that allows it to remain flexible while maintaining a firm hold on the tool’s handle. For added security, the provided cable tie can be installed through the small slit on the Tool Grip’s pin.


Product Highlights:

EASY TO ATTACH: Holster easily clips on to any regular belt or tool belt.

SELF-LOCKING DESIGN: Holster will automatically lock when a tool is inserted. To unlock, lift the lock lever upwards with your thumb while lifting up the tool.

FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT: Ergonomic design allows the Holster + Grip to move naturally with your body, without allowing excessive tool bouncing or accidental unholstering.

HEAVY DUTY: Tool Holster's nylon composite and high tensile steel construction stand up to rough everyday use.

ELASTIC TOOL GRIPS: Stretch to fit the handle of any tool and can be further secured with the provided cable tie.



(1) Tool Holster

(1) Tool Grip + Cable Tie

We recommend using Spider Tool Holster products on setups less than 8lbs.

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General Product Overview

Tool Grip Installation Tutorial

Download use and install instructions for all Tool Holster products:CLICK HERE

Download instructions for how to properly secure the Tool Grip with our low profile cable ties:CLICK HERE

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Kevin Christofora
Like money in the bank.

I sampled these two holders love them so much, I went back to buy more. So many uses for them, not to mention all my friends are jealous efficient. Incredible design, excellent company and follow through with a quality product

Ernest Betts
Tool Holster

Very nice idea and very functional tool holder. Love using it and very convenient to hold tools while working above the ground.

Zanis Felds

Tool Holster Set - 2 Piece Kit

Bernard McNellis Jr
My new partner

Works great and makes the jobs easier with less fatigue !

Jon DeLucia
Amazonian here.

The job just started to require us to wear a harness. Very uncomfortable. Trying the Spider holster which I used at a construction site and so far so good. Waiting to see if Amazon has a problem with it ( hope not ). You all should try to sell Amazon on it. Oh yeah, we use scanner guns. Only issue is that sometimes my safety vest gets stuck in there when I put the scanner in the holder.


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