5042TH: Bundle - 2 Tool Docks + 2 Cable Straps

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2 Cable Straps + 2 Tool Docks // SKU: 5042TH 

Cable Straps
Spider Cable Straps are the best carry and organize your cords, cables and rope from your Spider Tool Holster / Tool Docks!

Cable Straps can be quickly stretched and locked around your cables and allow for hands free carry.
They are made from a durable elastic rubber and have built-in ridges that help hold their tightness once applied.

Cable Straps are also compatible with utility hooks (like those found on a coat rack!) by using the built-in hole near the tip.

Designed for use with our Tool Holster*, Tool Holster Pro*, Tool Docks, or a standard coat hook. (sold separately*)

Tool Docks
Tool Docks allow you to create Spider compatible tool storage anywhere in your work space!

Use the provided self-tapping, stainless steel screws to easily mount Tool Docks onto wood and aluminum surfaces such as a tool board, work bench, or tool box.

Tool Docks are made from a highly durable composite nylon, allowing them to handle daily wear and tear.

Whether you’re in need of a convenient place to store your power drill while on the top of your ladder, or an easy to reach spot to store your tape dispenser near a shipping desk, Tool Docks allow you to customize your workspace to fit your needs.

Spider Tool Docks are compatible with all other Spider Tool Holster products!

Customer Reviews

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Larry Birkby

The attachment for the tape measure adhesive tape did not stick and I could not get super glue to hold the Spider dock to the tape measure. The rubber straps will not hold the weight of a 50 ft extension cord on my trailer shelving. When I get back to the shop at the end of the day the cords are lying on the floor. It looked good at the show but I am truly disappointed in the products. Better go back to the drawing board. The rubber ball at the end of the cords need to have a steel ball insert so it won't slip through the holder. Advise the user that the back of the tape measure MUST BE Flat for the Spider dock to hold onto the back of the tape measure. The prototype models need a lot more field testing. What I bought were supposed to be the better units. I'm not satisfied. I have had a magnetic tape holder for several years and thought the Spider might be better. Not so!