5160TH: Pro Tape Measure + Hammer Holster Kit

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Pro Tape Measure + Hammer Holster Kit  // SKU: 5160TH 

Pro Tool Holster 
The Spider Pro Tool Holster is a durable, easy to use ergonomic carrying system for power tools that clips onto any tool belt or casual belt.
The Pro Tool Holster has a self-locking design that secures your tool each time a tool is inserted. To unlock the holster, lift the lock lever with your thumb – and take your tool out of the holster. This is designed to be done one handed! 
The Spider Holster system makes it quick and easy to access and carry any power drill, driver, tape measure, hammer, pneumatic, multi-tool, reciprocating saw, flashlight and more! 

The Holster features an ambidextrous lock that can be installed either right or left-handed for optimal use.  You can then use multiple holsters on your belt, enabling you to keep all of your tools safe and easily reachable.  

The Tool Holster is made of durable composite nylon and the metal clip on the back is made of quality, high strength spring steel, built to handle daily wear and tear in any job environment.   
Note for Spider Pro Tool Tether users: 
The Pro Tool Holster is designed to allow you to insert both the Pro Tool Tether AND your Spider equipped tool into the holster at the same time.  This allows you to have your tool securely tethered and have that tool locked into the Spider Holster, giving you double the security! 

Pro Tool Holsters are compatible with all Spider Tool Holster products. 

Pro Tool Tab
Peel-and-stick Spider Pro Tool Tabs are the perfect way to carry both flat surfaced and curved surfaced hand tools from your Spider Tool Holster. Perfect for tape measures, hammers, mallets, flashlights, wrenches, and many more!
Made from a highly durable composite nylon and genuine 3M adhesive, the Pro Tool Tabs are made to withstand daily wear and tear in any work environment.  

The unique profile of the Spider Pro Tool Tabs prevents tool rotation and bouncing, while allowing them to lock securely into our Spider Tool Holster.  

When used  on a hammer, the Pro Tool Tabs are quicker and more ergonomic than using a traditional hammer loop. It is easier and  safer to insert your hammer  into a locking Spider Holster than to fumble around with a tool belt loop, Especially so if your tools are required to be tethered for working at height.

How to install onto FLAT SURFACED tools (such as a tape measure)
1. Remove OEM belt clip (if applicable)
2. Thoroughly clean the surface of your tool with isopropyl alcohol 
3. Peel the 3M adhesive backing and press the Tool Tab firmly in place for one minute 
4. Allow 24 hours before stressing the Tool Tab for the adhesive to properly cure.  
5. For added security when applying to tape measures, insert the OEM screw through the provided counterbored hole of the Tool Tab and tighten in place. 

How to install onto CURVED HANDLED tools (such as a hammer)
1. Thoroughly clean the surface of your tool with isopropyl alcohol 
2. Peel the 3M adhesive backing and press the Tool Tab in place for one minute 
3. Insert the provided cable ties through the slots on the base of the Pro Tool Tab. 
4. Once secured, the cables should be trimmed flush. 

Designed for use with our Tool Holster*, Pro Tool Holster, or Tool Docks*. (sold separately*) 

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