5105TH: Pro Tool Holster + 1 Grip + 1 Drill Pin

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Pro Tool Holster Kit  // SKU: 5105TH 

Pro Tool Holster 
The Spider Pro Tool Holster is a durable, easy to use ergonomic carrying system for power tools that clips onto any tool belt or casual belt.
The Pro Tool Holster has a self-locking design that secures your tool each time a tool is inserted. To unlock the holster, lift the lock lever with your thumb – and take your tool out of the holster. This is designed to be done one handed! 
The Spider Holster system makes it quick and easy to access and carry any power drill, driver, tape measure, hammer, pneumatic, multi-tool, reciprocating saw, flashlight and more! 

The Holster features an ambidextrous lock that can be installed either right or left-handed for optimal use.  You can then use multiple holsters on your belt, enabling you to keep all of your tools safe and easily reachable.  

The Tool Holster is made of durable composite nylon and the metal clip on the back is made of quality, high strength spring steel, built to handle daily wear and tear in any job environment.   
Note for Spider Pro Tool Tether users: 
The Pro Tool Holster is designed to allow you to insert both the Pro Tool Tether AND your Spider equipped tool into the holster at the same time.  This allows you to have your tool securely tethered and have that tool locked into the Spider Holster, giving you double the security! 

Pro Tool Holsters are compatible with all Spider Tool Holster products. 

Drill Pin
Spider Drill Pins are the premier solution for pairing your Spider Tool Holster / Pro Tool Holster with a power drill / driver. The Drill Pin attaches directly to the threaded port where the OEM drill clip is installed.  

The screw threads on the drill clip mount vary from brand to brand, so we provide three custom Spider Bolts (M2.5, M3, M4, #6-32) which will allow you to mount the Spider Drill Pin onto most major brands.

Spider Drill Pins are compatible with Dewalt, Milwaukee, Bosch, Ryobi, Kobalt, Makita, Ridgid, Metabo HPT and more!

The Drill Pin is made from a highly durable composite nylon and the Spider Bolts are made from stainless steel, both of which can withstand daily wear and tear in any work environment. 
- The Drill Pin will fit on Metabo HPT (US) drill / drivers, but will NOT fit on Metabo (EU) tools, as they use an M5 bolt which does not fit our Drill Pin.
- The Spider Bolts require a 3/32" allen wrench (not included) to tighten / attach to your drill.

Designed for use with our Tool Holster*, Pro Tool Holster, or Tool Docks*. (sold separately*) 

Pro Tool Grip 
Spider Pro Tool Grips are a safe, durable, and highly versatile worm drive hose clamp solution for outfitting your tools to work with the Spider Holster system

The Pro Tool Grip is designed to secure around the handle of any tool such as a pneumatic nailer, power drill, impact driver, reciprocating saw, flashlight, and more! 

The Pro Tool Grip’s built-in Spider Pin is designed to be low profile so it stays out of the way of your hand while working. That Spider Pin inserts and locks into the Spider Tool Holster / Tool Dock. 
Pro Tool Grips are made from a highly durable DuPont® resin that can withstand the daily wear and tear of a jobsite. The DriveLock™ worm screw is specially designed to provide constant tension without risk of backdriving or loosening over time. After tightening the DriveLock insert using a 1/8" hex wrench, any excess material can be trimmed to length as needed.

How to Install Pro Tool Grip: 
1. Wrap the Pro Tool Grip around your tool's handle. 
2. Once tight, thread in the DriveLock™ insert using a 1/8" hex wrench , the Pro Tool Grip is now ready for use! (wrench not included)
Designed for use with our Tool Holster*, Pro Tool Holster, or Tool Docks*. (sold separately*)

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Michael Elrod
Amazing product

I work in pest control and attached my wand to the tool strap it fits perfectly and I use it every day.

Alex B
Really good.. with one exception.

This works really well, however the belt loop should be closed to ensure that the holster stays put. I’ve pulled my impact driver from my waist with the locking mechanism attached a couple times.

Kevin Conners
Grand slam!!!!

I am an amateur metal detectorist and I use the tool holster and grip on my detecting shovel. I have tried a couple other holders to no avail. I actually lost one of my shovels going through some waist high scrub brush in the woods. The fact that the pin on the grip actually swivels in the holster allowing whatever you are carrying to swing freely while be securely locked in the holster means no more lost shovels . I put your PRO TOOL HOLSTER and GRIP through some pretty tough terrain bouncing my shovel off rock walls ,trees, tree stumps as well as dragging it through some thick underbrush . Through all that it steadfastly kept my shovel secured in the holster. Your SPIDER PRO TOOL HOLSTER is a great product and I only wished that I could have found it before I lost my first shovel which was found by another detectorist and returned to me. I highly recommended the holster to all my fellow detectorists that were with me on the trial run. Thanks again for making a great product that actually does what it should and I will keep recommending THE PRO TOOL HOLSTER and GRIP to whomever might benefit from having one. Best regards Kevin Conners. 👍🏻👍🏻