5600TH: Pro Tool Holster

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Barry Harvey
No more awkward drill drill holster

Absolutely love this Spider drill holster. It goes in and out of the locking mechanism flawlessly everytime. I use too be afraid of my drill falling out of my old holster and hitting someone because im on ladders everyday doing gutters and my drill fell often. But the way the drill locks in to the Spider holster makes it virtually impossible too become unclipped. Using it for 10 days now and all the banging up the ladders and it hasn't fallen once. Great product

Piotr Uchanski
Design and delivery

Holster is amazing, in my industry (scaffolding) competing to gorilla grips and Big Ben it’s really secure apart from the fact it’s not holding all around the belt, can be pulled off with the drill if I’m squatting. Apart from that wider section where you
Trying to place pin inside of holster combined wind round belt connection would win scaffolding market hearts. And FedEx is bad use DPD or DHL 💪🙏

Fast and secure

One of the few options on the market that will holster and lock your tool. Much more confident when working near edges or in tight spaces. Plus the inventory of products offers a near endless combination of tools you can holster. I've been in construction for almost 18 years and it essential that I at least have my drill and impact on my hips all the time. During my years I have tried pretty much every option on the market and these are by far the best. My search is over thank you very much spider excellent products and fast shipping. I very much look forward to your future products.

Great product and service.

The spider system us a great enhancement on my tool belt. Not only does it clear up weight and space for mobility but looks good to. They do need to offer it in different colors.

I was sent the wrong Holster over a holiday season. But the fast response time and easy customer service experience I'm impressed. They sent me a new pro and let me keep the wrong order. I think we exchanged 3 email.

I'm recommending you guys to everyone now. If I see a company do great work now day I tend to stay with them. Good jobs guys

Mark Fenwick
Good and bad

The pro tool holster is a great piece of equipment it just a shame that it’s only good for the drill pin attachment as the wrap pin and stick on tape pin are so tight in the holster it requires 2 hands to place them in and remove them