5600TH: Pro Tool Holster

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Pro Tool Holster
The Spider Pro Tool Holster is an easy to use, universal carrying system for power tools that clips onto any casual belt or tool belt.

The Pro Tool Holster has a self-locking design which locks / secures your tool each time a tool is inserted. To unlock the holster, lift the lock lever with your thumb and lift the tool out of the holster – this can be done one handed!

The Spider system makes it quick and easy to access a power drill, driver, tape measure, hammer, pneumatic, multi-tool, reciprocating saw, flashlight and more!

It features an ambidextrous lock lever that can quickly be installed to either the left or the right side of the holster. This allows for optimal use regardless of where the holster is mounted on your belt.

 Because of the Pro Tool Holster’s compact design, you can use multiple holsters on your belt, enabling you to keep all of your tools safe and easily reachable.

The Tool Holster is constructed of a durable composite nylon and the metal clip on the back is made of high strength spring steel, both of which can handle daily wear and tear in any job environment.

Note for Spider Pro Tool Tether users: The Pro Tool Holster is designed to allow you to insert both the Pro Tool Tether AND your Spider equipped tool into the holster at the same time. This allows you to have your tool securely tethered and have that tool locked into the Spider Holster, giving you double the security!

Pro Tool Holsters are compatible with all Spider Tool Holster products.

Customer Reviews

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The adhesive tabs don't stick on very well. I had to us epoxy glue to make sure it wouldn't fall off.

Maxwell Lucas
Great holster, belt clip slips off most belts

The new features on this are great. Just wish the belt clip was more like the original. Slips right off of a belt, so not usable as a safety tether. I’ve tried it on my tool belt, which is a stiffened duty gun belt kinda deal, nylon pants belts, seatbelt webbing, fall arrest harness straps. My original spider holster takes effort to get off of any of these belts. Very secure when someone tried to borrow my gun without asking, or bumping against things. The new one slips right off with any upward force on the tool. I’ve lined the clip with velcro for now, but I don’t really trust it working on a ladder or scissor lift.

Jose Orta

Had to order two different times page needs more
Of a kit package

Barry Harvey
No more awkward drill drill holster

Absolutely love this Spider drill holster. It goes in and out of the locking mechanism flawlessly everytime. I use too be afraid of my drill falling out of my old holster and hitting someone because im on ladders everyday doing gutters and my drill fell often. But the way the drill locks in to the Spider holster makes it virtually impossible too become unclipped. Using it for 10 days now and all the banging up the ladders and it hasn't fallen once. Great product

Piotr Uchanski
Design and delivery

Holster is amazing, in my industry (scaffolding) competing to gorilla grips and Big Ben it’s really secure apart from the fact it’s not holding all around the belt, can be pulled off with the drill if I’m squatting. Apart from that wider section where you
Trying to place pin inside of holster combined wind round belt connection would win scaffolding market hearts. And FedEx is bad use DPD or DHL 💪🙏