5150TH: Pro Tool Tether

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Pro Tool Tether
The Spider Pro Tool Tether is designed for use with our Spider Pro Tool Holster.

The Pro Tool Tether is ANSI / ISEA 121-2018 Certified, rated for tools up to 6.6lbs / 3kg

It is designed to spread the shock from dropped objects, helping keep your gear and coworkers safe in the event of an accidental drop.

The Pro Tool Holster is designed to allow you to insert both the Pro Tool Tether AND your Spider equipped tool into the holster at the same time. This allows you to have your tool securely tethered and have that tool locked into the Spider Holster, giving you double the security!

When inserted into the Pro Tool Holster, the Pro Tool Tether is secured by moving the Slide Lock up and rotating the Locking Ring clockwise to secure.

When the Slide Lock is in place, it is designed to hold the Pro Tool Holster’s clip shut, preventing the Holster (and your Tool & Tether) from being removed from your belt until the tether is removed.

The Pro Tool Tether requires the use of a Spider Pro Tool Holster, it will not fit the original Spider Tool Holster.

Customer Reviews

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No longer will I drop my tools off the ladder and bend the tip, causing me to have to buy a replacement drill

Frank Aitoro

Convenient , duriable , Worth every penny

Anders Vinberg
Great quality

I haven't tried it in the field yet, but as of right now the quality seems really good. I have the holster aswell.


I’m very happy with the quality and functionality of the tether