5073TH: Outdoor Hiking Bundle

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This purchase completed the last of pretty much everything that SPIDER makes .I do hvac for a living, so of course gadgets and tools are a daily.Ive been doing this 28yrs now and have owned virtually all similar or like products.This by far has surpassed all of them in durability and function they have created a great product and I do hope that product doesnt change in any bit and introduce weak points.They are worth the cost as is if they continue to hold up.I use them daily and nightly and I have not had one of any of there products fail on me yet, and to me that is absolutely amazing and worth a review.So dont waste your time seeking out something cheaper for the same purpose, just buy this and youll be glad you spent a little more.I didnt have much use for the keychain and bottle holders however I just wanted to complete the set, and look forward to what other products they make in the future..Keep it up and Im sure youll have customers for life !


I am an armed security officer that works 14 + hour shifts. Trying to carry a water bottle around and not lose it has been an interesting task. It's uncomfortable to have in my pocket and most of the Molle systems are a full-size pouch that is too large for what I need. I came across this item randomly on my feed. Decided to give it a try. Most all of the reviews I see are mentioned for construction or mechanical trades. I want to throw this out there to security and law enforcement or First Responders as well. The clip snugly fits in the molle webbing and allows me to keep my water close while I'm still hands-free. Awesome system and plan to get a few more in the near future for other items as well.


I have yet to try out the water bottle holders for long walk but the key fob alone has proven to be indispensable for my daily use. I have purchased a 2-inch ring to carry 7 sets of keys and mini tools combined in mini-s carabiners. Absolutely dig the easy in-and-out operations.

Nonya Beeswax

If most you guys are like me you're using valuable time digging through your tool pouch or going to your bit case over 10 times a day to switch out bits. The fact that it holds the bits i need for me to complete my job is ideal. I just clip the keyring to my to my toolbag. I mainly use this clip for another tool. I've used the water bottle holder a few times it works great. I'm sure I'll get much better of them during the summer


I used it for my keys and so far so good no complaints at all. And I was looking for something to complain about and I couldnt find nothing. I like it !!! Thats 15 keys on there