5032TH: Pro Tool Kit - 12 Piece Kit

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These things are great! The bit holder fell off after about an hour worth of work but the clip is great. It sits a bit wonky at first as compared to the standard belt hook but you won't drop your tool and break it. You also won't drop your tool on someone's head


This product is a time saver. Very well made. Everything works well with all of the components. As for Cons the adhesive could be a little stronger on the rubber but holder. The stob that goes a tape measure could be redesigned to use the screw on the backs of all tape measures.


Mainly likes for use and convenience. My negatives are. The strap makes the handle bigger and I have small hands. There is a learning curve to use it. I have to look to hit the slot.. Have to use a stiff leather belt for durability. Is tough on belt straps on jeans.. Best suited to a utility work belt.


Got this for my husband for Christmas and it is possibly his favorite thing ever! I was thinking of getting him a tool belt, but thought that would be too bulky. This seems to be just what he needs. He used to lose drill bits by the dozen. This came with a nifty part he attached to his drill that holds his most frequently used bits. Now he never loses them!

Micah R.

I think the wrap that goes around the tool could be smaller. I use mine for a large 20-1 tool tho and it works awesome I wear it 8 hours everyday and love it.