BitGripper v2 - Spider Tool Holster
BitGripper v2
BitGripper v2
BitGripper v2 - Spider Tool Holster
BitGripper v2 - Spider Tool Holster
BitGripper v2 - Spider Tool Holster
BitGripper v2
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Keep your bits within reach at all times with the BitGripper, which securely attaches to any drill or impact driver and holds three to six driver bits per BitGripper.



  • VERSION2 UPGRADE: Stronger 3M adhesive and flexible design firmly grip to your drill!
  • STORAGE: Store 3 to 6 driver bits per BitGripper right on the side of your drill for easy access!

BitGripper v2
> Designed to hold 3 to 6 standard sized driver bits.
> We do not recommend using the BitGripper without our Spider Tool Holster, a traditional tool pouch may cause abrasion damage over time.
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General Product Overview

BitGripper Installation Overview

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Customer Reviews

Based on 823 reviews

Expensive but does its job. Nice and convenient. Follow the directions when sticking it to your drill. Use rubbing alcohol and let it sit 24 hours before use. Uses quality 3M adhesive. On my previous drill I had magnetic holders. Even though they were strong rare earth magnets I was constantly knocking bits off. No such problem with this. BTW, I cut mine so instead of having 3 bit holders I have two 2 bit holders and a single bit holder. That arrangement fit better on my drill. Works great!


I thought to myself, "if they dont hold up, itll be worth it, theyre inexpensive.... lets give it a shot."They've held up for 3 months of constant use. I do remodeling. These are my #1 used tools. The fact i can hold 3 is even better than the 1 i used to be able to hold back with the old dewalt drills.... this holds 3.Theyre easy to get out, put in, and best of all, two things: they hold the bits extremely well! And lastly, the adhesion is still kickin! I set and store my tools on their sides almost always, hook up to the belt and the first ones are still in great shape, no change in quality from the first time i used them.VERY impressed and pleased with my purchase. I ABSOLUTELY recommend these to all of my contractor friends who inquire about them, conversation arises or when they ask about them when they see them and ask about their performance.BUY THIS FOR YOUR TOOL(s).

Michael K.

Put these on my Milwaukee impact driver because I change bits often. Im a mechanic and an electrician and both of my impact drivers get used quite a lot. Often under a car or on top of a ladder out of reach for a different tip. This holds them well. I cleaned the drill with a prep wipe. One fell off and I had to glue it back on with superglue. I didnt like doing that but it worked. Its hard to find a smooth surface big enough for the pad without causing it to get anything under it. If theres any gaps between the drill body and the adhesive, dirt gets in and it falls off. I would buy again for convenience and ease of changing bits. They hold just tight enough and dont fall out or get stuck.

Rand Newman

These work incredibly well! As a general contractor, I use my screw gun daily. Ive tried epoxy it different holders and they all failed. These, on the other hand, are sticking perfect to both Dewalt and Makita. I cleaned these area well with rubbing alcohol. Attached the holder to the side. I was concerned it would be in the way in tight places, but no issue. Each one will hold up to 6 tips. Highly recommend. Dont hesitate. Buy it. Great stocking stuffer as thats what Im doing.

Arkamas Ross

Ive used these for a while now and they work well. Im not sure about their elasticity long term but for the price they provide a convenient staging point for quick access to your most common bits, and I havent been too worried about losing the smaller bits that have less surface area inside. Its a very solid hold and I keep them back to back. The adhesive has been very solid as well. The only thing I would change is adding an additional chamber, or make it with several chambers so you can cut it for whatever you need. I would also make a version of them thats 3/4 of an inch longer to accommodate quick release bits to be placed back-to-back securely. Those two changes would add a lot more potential for them.


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