BitGripper v2

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Michael Koralishn
A must have

You won’t regret buying this product

Dave Page
Great additions

The bit grippers are well made and work great. I received pretty much all of the different things that Spidertool sells for Christmas and all of it is very well made and thought out.

Jose Beauchamp



Expensive but does its job. Nice and convenient. Follow the directions when sticking it to your drill. Use rubbing alcohol and let it sit 24 hours before use. Uses quality 3M adhesive. On my previous drill I had magnetic holders. Even though they were strong rare earth magnets I was constantly knocking bits off. No such problem with this. BTW, I cut mine so instead of having 3 bit holders I have two 2 bit holders and a single bit holder. That arrangement fit better on my drill. Works great!


I thought to myself, "if they dont hold up, itll be worth it, theyre inexpensive.... lets give it a shot."They've held up for 3 months of constant use. I do remodeling. These are my #1 used tools. The fact i can hold 3 is even better than the 1 i used to be able to hold back with the old dewalt drills.... this holds 3.Theyre easy to get out, put in, and best of all, two things: they hold the bits extremely well! And lastly, the adhesion is still kickin! I set and store my tools on their sides almost always, hook up to the belt and the first ones are still in great shape, no change in quality from the first time i used them.VERY impressed and pleased with my purchase. I ABSOLUTELY recommend these to all of my contractor friends who inquire about them, conversation arises or when they ask about them when they see them and ask about their performance.BUY THIS FOR YOUR TOOL(s).